Marin Twitter Tribe Lunch
Thursday May 27th

We are really pleased that Marin's own @Sally_K is organinzing a TweetUp lunch at our place for the Tribe!

Please give Sally a Shout if you'd like to sit with the Crew. Or use Her Tweetvite to RSVP:

For those of you whom met Chef Justine at the@pacificcatchTweetUp... she will be present, whipping up items from Chef Ed Vigil's tasty Menu.

This is a Sally_K Production... Being Happily Hosted by Us...
[Vin Antico]


Vin Antico

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    Marin Twitter Tribe Lunch

    When:Thursday May 27th 12 [High Noon]

    Where:Vin Antico

    881 4th Street, San Rafael, CA

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